SEO Guarantee Services

SEO Guarantee Services

ApexInfoServe Services Guarantee depends on the number of keywords, competitiveness of the keywords, your current website positioning, optimization & ranking, competitiveness of your MARKET etc. Based on the agreed keywords and the rankings required, we would provide a custom SEO Services Guarantee quote for guaranteed top rankings.

At least few keywords will be on top pages of Google (or desired search engine)(As per Packages).

ApexInfoServe intends to provide at least 100% keywords on top position, but considering tough competition and the fact that Traditional SEO is long gone, few keywords will be first brought on top page.

Guarantee would be met if few keywords achieve top 10 rankings in Google (or desired search engine) at any stage during the campaign tenure.

We have never failed to achieve good rankings for our customers, but still in any case if we fail to get the minimum targeted ranking for your keywords during the campaign period, we will continue the work for couple of months for free to get the TOP page result.

We don’t guarantee results of any nature. We only guarantee to work for the allotted number of Man-Hours as per the plan subscribed by the client and complete the agreed deliverables at the specified time. We normally provide weekly, bimonthly and monthly reports to the clients that integrate all the activities we have covered during that period.


Top ranking in Google, It’s Guaranteed.

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