SEO Friendly Website Design Service

Static Website Design

Static Website Design

Web design services are of prime importance for making of any page on the internet. We hold almost as much importance as the search engine optimization. Now, imagine a service allowing both SEO and web design services. The web design services and the SEO companies have always tried to work together for the best interests of the pages on the internet. Having a Search Engine friendly website design service is one of the most convenient ways to bring forth the efficient services of the website design companies. Apex Info-Serve is one such company that has a very huge clientele based mainly on our efficient SEO friendly website design services.

Completely New and Unique Design

New and Unique Design

Unique is the keyword when it comes to the services of the website design companies. Apex Info-Serve has built the reputation of providing the most brilliant as well as the most unique designs over time. Each of our designs has a complete new look that has kept our reputation high and the admiration of our clients going. Our uniqueness is something that we have been commended for several times since our very inception.

  • Hand Coded, Keyword rich HTML
  • Table less Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Use HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Jquery
  • SEO Friendly Website
  • Website maintenance


For those who don’t know, HTML5 is a language of the internet that marks up the core technology. Its main use is to present and structure the content that is given in the World Wide Web or the www. With this technology the webpage can be made light and creative. As it is the most advanced and updated version of HTML, it is an essential and one of the prime ‘weapons’ of the search engine optimization in order to improve the rankings in the search engine. Apex Info-Serve works very finely with the HTML5 in order to produce the best results in turn making sure that the pages assigned to them hold a better position in the search rankings.

Moving Images

The concept of moving images has always had a very positive effect from all the viewers. Not only does it provide a better and more attractive look to the page but it also keeps the page alive. It is no secret that moving images tend to provide better information. Apex Info-Serve makes very efficient use of these moving images to bring out the best of the page.

Beautiful and User-Friendly Navigation

Navigating through the page is another one very sensitive part of a page. Users don’t want a page where we need to solve a riddle for every move. Users are more attracted to pages that allow suave and smooth navigation with good linking. Apex Info-Serve makes sure to allow beautiful and user-friendly navigation for every user to have a good experience while visiting the page.

Best Gallery Design

Apex Info-Serve also has the reputation of using the best gallery design in order to allow the potential visitors a more suitable and informative experience while visiting the page.

Good Social Media Presentation

Another very important requirement of a page is to have a good social media presentation so that the website is received with appreciations when introduced in the social media. Apex Info-Serve is well aware of this particular importance and makes it a point to make the website as presentable as can be made.

User Friendly Product and Service Navigation

At Apex Info-Serve , we strive hard to make website navigation as much user friendly as possible. This improves the chances of retaining the visitors and getting best results. User friendly website is a Search Engine Friendly website.

Improved product pages with zoom view for each product

Minute observation has always been an unwritten duty of the observant. Thus when the opportunity for having a zoomed image to scrutinize comes at hand, the viewers are more than happy to have a positive reaction towards the page.Apex Info-Serve works with the principle of allowing zoom to view each product for allowing an improvement in the product pages.



Apex Info-Serve is also very well aware of the fact that now it is the age of handheld devices. Most of the websites are now visited by Mobile Internet Devices. So we recommend you to make your website design responsive to every screen size. We deliver not only our clients, but also their clients or customers the best experience through our responsive design work.

Search engine and SEO friendly services

Search engine and SEO friendly services

For any page, Search engine optimization is considered to be of prime importance. It is the search engine that helps a page reach the top few suggestions of the search engine increasing the potential viewers’ rate and thus helping in the popularization of the page.Apex Info-Serve has helped quite a number of its clients with its search engine and SEO friendly services over the years.

Other Customization as per Requirement

Every client has their own set of ideas and demands on a webpage. We always work with this piece of knowledge in our mind. We keep an open mind to the requirements of the clients and make every necessary customization to meet the demands. This has made us a more favored service as well as a more efficient one.