Steps followed by us During the Campaign

Step 1: Free Website Analysis Report.

Step 2: Discussion of Required Work.

Step 3: Sign-Up Process.

Step 4: SEO Input Request Form.

Step 5: Pre SEO Report.

Step 6: Keyword Analysis Report.

Step 7: Keyword Approval by Client.

Step 8: Link Building Descriptions Details.

Step 9: Link Building Descriptions Details Approval by Clients.

Step 10: On-Page Optimization.

Step 11: On-Page Optimization Approval by Client.

Step 12: On-Site Suggestion and Implementation.

Step 13: On-Site Implementation Approval by Client.

Step 14: Off-Page Optimization.

Step 15: Off-Page Optimization Approval by Client.

Step 16: SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Analysis Report.

Step 17: Google Analytic Report.

Step 18: Reporting.