Google Algorithm Update news always comes with many surprises. In most cases, a website’s keyword ranking on Google search drops which leads to declining number of website visitors and sales. Whenever search algorithm update news comes, we start checking our site’s performance deeply. If we found the site affected badly, we immediately hunt for the ideal solution.

The September 2016 Google Update – Facts and Figures:

The recent unofficial and unnamed Google update has brought many website owners and webmasters concerned. Since, 2nd September, 2016, thousands of webmasters have reported heavy fluctuations through their keyword rankings.
This time, Google is bringing updates to its ranking parameters or search algorithm continuously in few-days gaps. Since the first rollout of this update or first day of this month, webmasters have reported fluctuations in every 4-5 day gap.

The Impact of Google Update:

As a result of this update, many websites are no more visible through their business oriented or targeted keywords on Google Search. The website owners are going to be affected adversely and loss many perspective clients in future.
Few websites may get banned by Google as a result of their SEO consultant’s wrong doings. So, we always advice you to depend on a reputable digital marketing agency (like Apex Info-Serve) that constantly uses ethical SEO strategies and delivers excellent results ultimately.

What we learned:

Thanks to the SEO experts and search analysts of our company those followed the Google’s guidelines properly to keep all the websites safe from Google’s penalty. However, it is not the first time, in our past experiences too, all of our client websites had avoided Google Penalties due to our white-hat and quality checked SEO strategies.

How to Recover Your Website from Google Penalty and Algorithm Update Losses:

Whatever your concerns may be, don’t get upset. We are here to help you!Start Recovery
Yes, we are offering our services to help the affected sites to rectify the errors and get back to Google search results again.
If you are searching for a new start, it is the best time to subscribe our white-hat SEO packages.

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