Webmasters must be curious that why top Search Engine Optimization companies recommend for compelling site design for a successful SEO campaign. Whoever comes to know about SEO process for the first time, finds that content and back-links are crucial for ranking success. Then website owners start doing it themselves or search for SEO companies. In the process of link-building and optimizing contents, they forget that Google has long updated its algorithm and doesn’t take back-links and content lightly. Google not only created Penguin Update for low quality links which are created in very less time, but also Panda for poor quality content. Since then we have seen small refresh and updates on the same several times in a year.

Then question comes what option do newcomers have in this world of Google updates. I will say a simple thing which has been said over and over again that, “Rome was not built in a day.” Rightly said we can’t build a monument of success in ranking unless spent some quality time winning over bots crawling our website. Then again you might be thinking that you are wasting your time reading this block of content. Certainly not! Without wasting the valuable time of our readers, let me come straight to the point on why I am writing this article.

We have observed that websites who have not only lured more and more visitors, but also retained them have had great success. Bringing visitors needs expert and quality promotion which can’t be done overnight. The other part “user experience” is what completely in our hands. Before going to the race, we need to ensure that our shoe fits properly in our feet. Likewise if a website is not well designed to fit a type of business, then it will come last in the race of retaining visitors.
Look and feel starts with product & service categorization:

If you are shopping in a local store and you find that products are not arranged as per related segments, will you be able to find your products on list at ease. This is what happens in numerous websites. They have the entire product what consumers are searching for, however they don’t have proper categorization and searching option. This irritates a visitor and they end up searching for some other website.

How is it applicable to services websites? Obviously, if you have varieties in your services and you have put them all in one service page, so that visitors have to scroll a lot, then your visitors will feel like they are wasting their time. Each type of services should have their own page, so that visitors can concentrate on what they are looking for from the navigation itself. Services website heavily depend on efficient navigation, tooltips and contents.

Lot of websites is developed, however very less try to make it responsive. Responsive websites are those who adapt the screen of any devices. It doesn’t cost much it can be done with little extra price at the time of developing your website. A website is made responsive, so that mobile internet device users can browse it without having to scroll a lot.


Smartphone has made most of the people App lovers. An efficient app increases the user experience and compels them to visit the website again and again. You can find dozens of App developers in your city. With increasing competition Apps are also built at competitive price.

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