These days, the tablets and the Smartphone have changed the approach towards the web design as well as the user experience. According to studies, around 30-50% of website traffic is now attributed to the mobile devices and the trend is getting momentum in the next few years. In the earlier times, before the abundance of the mobile devices with the advanced web browsing capacity, the web designers only had a challenge to deal with and it is to maintain the similar look and feel of the websites in different desktop computer browsers.

Because the usage of mobile internet is increasing steadily, the importance of the mobile responsive and friendly web design is also increasing in leaps and bounds. As a result, more and more businesses have started to cater to the requirements of the mobile users. Though in most of the cases, businesses design two different sites for the desktop users and the mobile users, but the best option is to design a site which is equally favorable for both the mobile and the desktop users. Actually, there is a web design type that can deal with both the users and this is known as the responsive web designing.
Now let’s have a look at what the responsive web design is all about:

The Responsive Web Design is basically the approach of laying out as well as coding any website so that the site offers the viewers an ease of reading, optimal viewing experience and the ability to navigate the site with minimum resizing, scrolling and panning across a complete range of devices started from the mobile phones to the wide screen desktop computer monitors. So, there is no requirement of loading a huge website or there is no requirement of zooming in and out the Web Pages to find out the content you are in search of. Besides, responsive web designing also allows for interaction and this thing makes the sites easy to use by acknowledging and integrating the things like touch screens to help in the navigation.

Why take it seriously?
Another big importance of mobile responsive web design is that Google has recently launched an update showing its support for mobile friendly websites. This will affect search results on Google for mobile users. The businesses those who don’t have mobile friendly websites will suffer or will see drop in keyword rankings on Google Search on Mobile Devices. This will also improve the Googling experience on mobile devices. Mobile users will not have to bother that they are about to open a site that is difficult to browse through Google Search.

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