May, 2015 was the month of changes and introductions. After reading out this article you will be convinced why I have phrased it out this way.

Why month of Changes?

Google technical team first started to give new looks on their products. They started with most widely used SEO tool Analytics, Webmaster, Docs and few other apps online. Not until few days back we were able to discover that they also gave a new look to Keyword Planner. Here are few changes listed which happened in the month of May this year:

  • Google Analytics got a new login interface
  • Search Analytics replaced Search Queries in Webmaster
  • Webmaster was renamed as Google Console
  • Gmail Login interface changed

Why month of Introduction?

  • More mobile friendly features were introduced to Google Apps such as doc and slides.
  • Google declared that a Buy button will be introduced in the Search Results. This is expected as the newest competitor in the online Marketplace.
  • Google also declared that later this year Android M will be launched.

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